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Report on failure of server NC020

3 June 2009 03:45:36 +0000

The cause of the problem with NC020 was a website that overwhelmed the MySQL database server, causing the server to kill MySQL and run out of memory. As a result, although the server was technically “running”, all processes failed and no connections could be made to the server. A hard reboot brought the server back online.

The problem with the website in question is being addressed, and this shouldn’t happen again.

It should be noted that server NC020 is a secondary server, generally for specialised projects and functions, and this incident affected almost none of our clients.

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Server NC023, London, United Kingdom (Relay server), INTERNAL.NC023InternalUp?
Server NC028, Vancouver, Canada (Monitoring server), INTERNAL.NC028InternalUp?
Server NC031, New York, United States of America (Web server), INTERNAL.NC031InternalUp?
Server NC033, Toronto, Canada (Primary nameserver), OPERATIONAL.NC033OperationalUp?
Server NC034, Lusaka, Zambia (Phone server), INTERNAL.NC034InternalUp?
Server NC035, Sydney, Australia (Secondary nameserver), OPERATIONAL.NC035OperationalUp?
Server NC036, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Mail server), OPERATIONAL.NC036OperationalUp?
Server NC040, Toronto, Canada (Web server), INTERNAL.NC040InternalUp?
Server NC041, New York, United States of America (Web server), OPERATIONAL.NC041OperationalUp?
Server NC042, Seattle, United States of America (Status website), OPERATIONAL.NC042OperationalUp?


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