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Email migration: Update 11

31 August 2015 07:22:31 +0000

Unless you have been advised otherwise, all domains with mixed-case user names have now been migrated to server NC027.

Again, using as an example:

  • People can still send email to and you can still use it as a return email address.
  • However, when logging into your account on server NC027, you must log in as, not

Passwords have remained the same.

Please also remember to update your email program’s configuration per the instructions at

Email migration: Update 10

26 August 2015 10:38:59 +0000

The mail migration is, for the most part, finally complete. As mentioned in our previous post, you will know that your domain has been migrated if you can no longer access email accounts on the old server. If that is the case, please start using the settings for the new server.

The only domains left to migrate are those that have user names with mixed- or upper-case letters, and domains that are changing — i.e., where an old primary domain is being replaced by what was once a secondary domain. We will take the opportunity to migrate the remaining domains outside of the business hours of the clients affected, which differ according to the time zones in which they are located, over the next two days.

There are a few additional notes to be aware of or to emphasise, in addition to those contained in Email migration: Update 1:

  • Email addresses with mixed- or upper-case user names have been migrated with their user names changed to lower-case letters. This only affects logging in, and not delivery of email. If you used to have a user name with mixed- or upper-case letters, please change your log-in information to use all lower-case letters — e.g., changes to, and changes to It is generally best practice to create email addresses in all lower-case letters. Your password has not changed, so please do not edit the password saved by your email program.
  • Auto-responders are now managed through the webmail; they are no longer managed through the control panel. As such they have not been recreated on the new server. If you had an auto-responder in place on the old server, you will need to recreate it.
  • As mentioned previously, accounts that were already over quota on the old server were not migrated. The accounts have been created on the new server, but the contents have not been transferred.
  • If you had what the control panel on the old server referred to as a “redirect” in place, please check to ensure that it has been properly created to your requirements on the new server.

In addition to that last specific issue, please check over your accounts yourself to ensure that all is set up and working as it should be. If you need assistance with anything that you cannot address yourself through the control panel, please contact support and we will be happy to help you.

Thank-you again for your patience during this migration, and our apologies again for the fact that it took longer than we had planned.

Email migration: Update 9

26 August 2015 07:07:00 +0000

Due to the many gigabytes of email saved on server NC018, the migration is still ongoing.

We are disabling domains on server NC018 as they are migrated to server NC027. What this means to you is that, if you find that you can no longer access your email account, it has probably been transferred and you should start using the settings for server NC027. Please see the “Things you need to do” heading in the Email migration: Update 1 post for that information.

Thanks for your patience.

Email migration: Update 8

26 August 2015 00:54:47 +0000

The mail migration is definitely underway this time. We will post updates here as necessary.

Email migration: Update 7

25 August 2015 06:03:00 +0000

We have resolved the network issue preventing the mail migration. We have rescheduled the migration to start at 00:01 UTC on Wednesday 26 August. (As always, please check the World Time Server to convert to your time zone.)

Our apologies again for the delay.

Email migration: Update 6

24 August 2015 23:46:39 +0000

We are definitely postponing the mail migration for at least another 24 hours. Please carry on as usual!

Email migration: Update 5

24 August 2015 13:32:04 +0000

Based on the lack of progress on resolving the connectivity issue at this point, we’re going to say that completing the migration tonight is unlikely. However, on the off chance that there’s a breakthrough before then, we’re keeping our options open.

We will post more here as soon as we know.

Email migration: Update 4

24 August 2015 02:49:26 +0000

We were not able to overcome the last hurdle — and I do mean the very last hurdle, and an unexpected one at that — to completing this migration on time this weekend, so we have decided to postpone it before the server enters its usual busy Monday morning.

We plan to figure out whatever is causing the last hurdle — a networking issue between the old and new servers — and recommence the migration at 22:00 UTC on 24 January. (Please check the World Time Server to convert to your time zone.) We expect (and certainly hope) that the issue will be resolved by then.

Confirmation of the rescheduled time will be posted here within the next few hours.

We sincerely apologise for the delay in completing this migration.

Email migration: Update 3

23 August 2015 11:50:57 +0000

The migration was halted during the early morning (UTC) of 23 August while we worked out some complications. Work on the migration will continue during the afternoon of the 23rd. It is our intention to complete the migration on Sunday.

In summary, nothing has changed yet. All email that is planned to be migrated has not yet been migrated.

Email migration: Update 2

22 August 2015 19:10:05 +0000

Work on the email migration has started. We will post updates here as required.

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