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Temporary resolution of Spamhaus PBL issue

15 November 2009 03:23:58 +0000

While the IP address of server NC020 is still in the Spamhaus PBL, we have made a number of configuration changes to all of our mail servers which address three of the four issues mentioned in our original post on this matter:

  • All email sent through server NC020 (known as “the relay server” to those of our clients who use it as such) is now routed to server NC018 before finally being delivered to destination mail servers. This means that email will no longer be delayed or rejected by destination mail servers.
  • All email is (and has been since the first post on this matter) flowing from server NC020 to NC018.
  • We are once again using the PBL to block spam on server NC018, so spam defences are back at 100%. We have simply exempted server NC020 from this block.
  • Mail to domains using NC020 as a secondary mail server is still a concern. We’ll be monitoring this and reacting as necessary.

Server NC020 is also used for some custom mailing lists. Email sent to these lists will also be handled as detailed in the first bullet point above.

We still anticipate that the IP address of server NC020 will be removed from the PBL at some point, at which point the configurations of all mail servers will revert to what they were before this incident. Further details will be posted here as necessary.

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