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Email migration: Update 5

7 October 2013 03:03:05 +0000

The migration has been in progress for over hour. At this time all new email sent to those domains being migrated is being delivered to the new server. Please follow the instructions you received in your email last week to reconfigure your email program NOW.

As the start of the business day approaches in some times zones please note that, if you were expecting to find old messages in your mail box, they may not be there yet. They will appear over the next few hours.

After the last migration we had some reports that Outlook was downloading multiple copies of old messages. Please note that this is an issue with Outlook, and we have no control over it.

There is also a correction to the instructions you have received: If setting SSL on the outgoing (SMTP) server does not work for you, please use TLS. We had reports that some versions of Outlook only worked with TLS set instead of SSL.

Please contact us if you are having any problems. Please see the email you received with our email address, phone number and Skype user name. If you are not our contact for your company, please deal with the person who is our contact, and we will assist them. If they are unable to help you, they will refer us to you.

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Systems at a Glance:

Server NC023, London, United Kingdom (Relay server), INTERNAL.NC023InternalUp?
Server NC028, Vancouver, Canada (Monitoring server), INTERNAL.NC028InternalUp?
Server NC031, New York, United States of America (Web server), INTERNAL.NC031InternalUp?
Server NC033, Toronto, Canada (Primary nameserver), OPERATIONAL.NC033OperationalUp?
Server NC034, Lusaka, Zambia (Phone server), INTERNAL.NC034InternalUp?
Server NC035, Sydney, Australia (Secondary nameserver), OPERATIONAL.NC035OperationalUp?
Server NC036, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Mail server), OPERATIONAL.NC036OperationalUp?
Server NC040, Toronto, Canada (Web server), INTERNAL.NC040InternalUp?
Server NC041, New York, United States of America (Web server), OPERATIONAL.NC041OperationalUp?
Server NC042, Seattle, United States of America (Status website), OPERATIONAL.NC042OperationalUp?


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