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Server NC018 replacement: Update 5

22 April 2013 05:42:31 +0000

We have spent this weekend configuring and testing the new server (NC026). Our next step is to conduct a test migration to determine how long it will take and what possible issues may arise that we’ll need to address.

When we have done this, we will formulate a migration plan, determine a window in which the migration will take place, and communicate that information to you.

Once that’s done, we’re looking forward to having a much newer, much faster, more resilient, more secure, and more configurable server. I know you are too.

Server NC018 replacement: Update 4

20 April 2013 22:55:35 +0000

On Thursday the 18th we set up a new server in a new data centre. We’re excited about the innovations in security that this new configuration will bring to your hosting account.

We are working diligently to configure and test this server, and test the migration process to minimise the time it will take. Due to issues on the old server, our priority is to get the migration done as soon as possible. While we had hoped to do this over this weekend, we may need to do it during the week. Either way we will ensure that any disruption will be kept to a minimum.

We will post further updates here over the course of the next few days.

Server NC023 maintenance completed

14 April 2013 08:11:59 +0000

The maintenance on server NC023 took place between 07:08 and 07:14 UTC, and was completed successfully.

Server NC023 down for maintenance

14 April 2013 07:13:41 +0000

Server NC023 (more commonly known as the relay server) is currently undergoing an upgrade, and will be back up again by approximately 07:25 UTC.

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Server NC020, Chicago, United States of America, OPERATIONAL.NC020OperationalUp?
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Server NC031, New York, United States of America, OPERATIONAL.NC031OperationalUp?
Server NC033, Toronto, Canada, OPERATIONAL.NC033OperationalUp?
Server NC034, Lusaka, Zambia, INTERNAL.NC034InternalUp?
Server NC035, Sydney, Australia, OPERATIONAL.NC035OperationalUp?
Server NC036, Amsterdam, Netherlands, OPERATIONAL.NC036OperationalUp?
Server NC037, Seattle, United States of America, OPERATIONAL.NC037OperationalUp?
Server NC038, Seattle, United States of America, INTERNAL.NC038InternalUp?
Server NC040, Toronto, Canada, INTERNAL.NC040InternalUp?
Server NC041, New York, United States of America, OPERATIONAL.NC041OperationalUp?


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This blog provides information about the status of NinerNet Communications systems. Dates and times of posts to this blog are in the UTC time zone, and dates and times given for events are also in the UTC time zone, although conversions may be offered for some time zones common to our clients. Please use the World Time Server to ensure accurate conversion of dates and times to your own time zone.



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