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Server NC018 replacement: Update 11

10 May 2013 23:56:54 +0000

There is light at the end of the tunnel for this migration.

While we have migrated all of the data from the old server to the new, a significant amount of manual processing on the new server has been necessary due to incompatibilities between the old version of the control panel and the new. This processing is ongoing, but should result in websites being live on the new server within the next 24 hours.

Additionally, the migration of email data from the old server was responsible for about 75% of the 20 hours that the initial migration took. However, it was not our intention to transfer email data during the first run, as email data obviously changes every second, which means that email on the old server (both servers, actually) needs to be shut down during the email migration.

We’re working to complete the processing of the websites on the new server, and will post details of the timing of the email migration here as soon as we have a time line for you.

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Systems at a Glance:

Server NC020, Chicago, United States of America, OPERATIONAL.NC020OperationalUp?
Server NC023, London, United Kingdom, OPERATIONAL.NC023OperationalUp?
Server NC028, Vancouver, Canada, INTERNAL.NC028InternalUp?
Server NC031, New York, United States of America, OPERATIONAL.NC031OperationalUp?
Server NC033, Toronto, Canada, OPERATIONAL.NC033OperationalUp?
Server NC034, Lusaka, Zambia, INTERNAL.NC034InternalUp?
Server NC035, Sydney, Australia, OPERATIONAL.NC035OperationalUp?
Server NC036, Amsterdam, Netherlands, OPERATIONAL.NC036OperationalUp?
Server NC037, Seattle, United States of America, INTERNAL.NC037InternalUp?
Server NC038, Seattle, United States of America, INTERNAL.NC038InternalUp?
Server NC040, Toronto, Canada, INTERNAL.NC040InternalUp?
Server NC041, New York, United States of America, OPERATIONAL.NC041OperationalUp?


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This blog provides information about the status of NinerNet Communications systems. Dates and times of posts to this blog are in the UTC time zone, and dates and times given for events are also in the UTC time zone, although conversions may be offered for some time zones common to our clients. Please use the World Time Server to ensure accurate conversion of dates and times to your own time zone.



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