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NC027: Hotmail delivery update 2

19 April 2016 09:47:19 +0000

After literally begging for a review of the situation and making three submissions to Microsoft, they have finally granted the IP address of server NC027 a “conditional mitigation”. This means that they have removed the block on this mail server’s IP address, but will put it back the second they see any reason to do so. Because they say that it will take 24-48 hours for this to propagate throughout their system we will leave the workaround in place for at least that long.

Two things have become clear from this and the Yahoo situation:

  • Dealing with megalithic entities like the all-powerful, large, free webmail providers — Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and their ilk — and their drone-like employees who are only allowed to copy and paste canned responses, is supremely frustrating.
  • We have a growing problem on our hands as a result of their huge footprint and their lack of concern for the many other companies like NinerNet on the Internet.

On the latter point, as stated in our first post on this issue with Hotmail, if you’re running a mailing list by blind-copying (or, even worse, simply cc’ing!) any more than about a dozen email addresses (of close friends or family or colleagues), we suspect that this may be the cause of the recent problems. Within the next 30 days — and hopefully much sooner than that — we will be implementing limits on the number of email addresses that can be cc’d or bcc’d in a single message. If you’re doing this, please contact us as soon as possible for options to ensure that your mailing list can continue to operate. It would be better to contact us as now in order to avoid disruptions to your mailing lists later.

Thank-you for your patience.

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